More vigorous than traditional blues, a well-chosen piece in teal, like this upholstered headboard with nailhead accents is a superb addition to a predominantly grey bedroom designed byAnna Burles. Glamorous interiors don’t need to be female.A glamorous bedroom in the traditional sense can veer to the feminine finish of the spectrum, making it feel slightly too girly. The designers of thisPrague bedroom, however, have created a haven that has plenty of glamour but would make anyone feel relaxed.

Try math issues for number mixture locks, or have students clear up a riddle or make an inference. Create a balanced layout that may grab everyone’s attention. To make your house symmetrical, arrange two lounge areas that reflect each other. Then, use a standout decoration like this outsized floral arrangement to interrupt up the order. Double the seating will provide additional space for visitors to recuperate.

  • Luxe urban townhome living in an
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