The octogenarian isn’t about to search her iPhone for snapshots of her 10 grandchildren, she said. Stairwells current a perfectly sized house for a grouping of photos. Raspberry swivel chairs and block-print wallpaper set the scene for creativity in Wellesley. This is not a giant deal if your rug is on the carpet, however it’s if it is on a hard ground. If you do not put a pad underneath your space rug, it’s going to become slippery and unsafe. You may dart from one room to the subsequent and slide as you hit the rug.

  • Macramé has made a huge resurgence in interiors, and above the bed is a perfect spot to play with this trend.
  • A reading space adorns the bay window and the vintage tray table presents a worn nautical motif.
  • You can add a lego table in their room and inspire them to add their creativity
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