We don’t have set timelines on when each project will get completed. Apart from our plumbing and electrical updates that we employed out in February, Austin is doing many of the work himself and with family. Doing it this fashion allows him the ability to focus on his enterprise deadlines somewhat than a reno deadline.

  • Sticking along with your regular routine makes them really feel much less disruptive.
  • For these with youngsters in the house during summer season months, it might be difficult to vacate the house for renovations, so if you’re already traveling for the holidays, it may be opportunistic for a contractor to open up your home.
  • The University of Memphis and the city introduced a $150-$200 million renovation plan ofSimmons Bank Liberty Stadiumon Thursday.
  • It’s all about preserving what works, altering what needs to be changed, and guaranteeing proper care and maintenance―much like refurbishing and living in
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