The English word “bespoke” is popular in the US. We think it’s GREAT and here’s why…

What does bespoke mean?

“Bespoke” means “ultra custom” in the British design language. Originally used in the context of clothing. Its use in the world of kitchen and bathroom design coincides with the growing notion of customers seeking spaces that are unique and personal. The word helps differentiate between something custom made and something truly custom made.

Custom made meaning there’s a thorough template and you get a made-to-order unit based on the dimensions, color, material, and style you have in mind.

bespoke is when you have a general idea – and maybe even a napkin sketch – of what you want, but it’s nowhere to be found…. it wasn’t until a designer and craftsman worked together to create it. Your bespoke creations are truly unique.

The Rise of Bespoke Design in the US

The design to order trend is on the rise, partly because of the popularity of home improvement shows and websites. They have exposed everyone to a wider range of design possibilities. Also, the rise of social media has made it easier for people to share their own custom designs with others, inspiring others to do the same.

By Gundah

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