glimpse of the brutalist interiors of a 1970s-built home in rural belgium

a brutalist dream home listed in heverlee, belgium

Standing amidst the scenic, meadowed farmlands of Heverlee, a town in Leuven, belgiumstands a 1979-built home which exemplifies the brutalist style. Crafted by architecture firm Archiduk, led by Guido Konings and

house in hayashisaki matsue beach evokes tropical design in japan

a japanese beach house and restaurant by akio isshiki

Located in Akashi, japan, the recently completed ‘House in Hayashisaki Matsue Beach’ is designed by architecture studio Akio Isshiki Architects. A pre-existing coastal dwelling has been renovated to create a

7 Home Designs

Maserati MC20 Connect Home Company Home Design 7 Home Design基礎,開發出專屬於MC20的車身套件,而在裝上這組名為Aria的套件之後,除了好看之外還帶來不少額外附加好處。

Design House 7 Design House

Design House 7 Design House

Design House 7 Home Design House頂通風口、引擎進氣口,一直到車尾的鴨尾和分流器都可以見到升級部件。

👉 2022 電動車元年,EV大軍壓境!

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