Birmingham City University presents student interior design projects

Dezeen School Shows: a sports center dedicated to empowering girls and a project that addresses the growing need for offline spaces within the neurodivergent community are included in Dezeen’s latest school by students at Birmingham City University.

Also featured is a sustainable flagship store prioritizing eco-friendly retail practices and a clothing rental hub designed for the fashion-forward Gen Z community.

Institutions: BirminghamCity University
School: Birmingham School of Architecture and Design
BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design
Kathryn Jones, Dr Senem Zeybekoglu Sadri, Warren Mak, Alexandra King, Josephine Bridges, Tony Salmon and Ashley Wilson

school statement:

“The Interior Architecture and Design course’s mission is to develop autonomous agents of positive change – graduates capable and eager to define their own career paths, equipped with capabilities to challenge the status quo and able to thrive in ever-changing contexts.

“Our educational principles place emphasis on supporting students to become independent learners who are comfortable and confident in their own design decision-making processes.

“Equipped with the skills to be able to operate independently or within a multidisciplinary design team, they bring their personal experiences and identities to bear on the design challenges they define.

“Throughout the course, students engage with a range of experiences that blend academia with the world of practice, enabling students to take control of the development of their bespoke career trajectories.”

An architectural graphic image of a sports facility

Studio You by Abbie Potter

“Studio You is a transformative sports center facility dedicated to empowering girls and reigniting their passion for physical activity.

“It aims to provide a secure and inclusive space where every girl, regardless of skill level, can experience the benefits of exercise.

“The studio provides immersive, customized activities that nurture personal development and foster self-assurance. It serves as a sanctuary for girls to channel their energy and cultivate a lifelong affinity for movement.

“Studio You redefines self-care by celebrating the exhilaration of physical activity while assisting girls in rediscovering the joy and empowerment of exercise, transforming it into a new benchmark of indulgence.”

Student: Abbie Potter
BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design

Rendering of eco-friendly clothing workshop

Hues of the Earth by Abijaya Udayveer

“This sustainable flagship store takes center stage in prioritizing eco-friendly retail practices. Featuring an on-site workshop, the objective is to both educate and captivate customers, offering insights into sustainable fashion processes and the use of plant-based textiles.

“The store offers a thoughtfully curated selection of sustainable fashion items presented through an immersive user experience. The design aims to engage visitors, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for sustainable fashion.

“The space’s sculptural and storytelling approach – highlighted by a central staircase – seamlessly connects different floors and functions whilst natural elements create distinct zones, establishing a harmonious relationship with nature and enhancing tranquillity.

“This store aims to merge style, ethics and innovation, inviting customers to explore the possibilities of sustainable fashion and join a conscious and stylish future.”

Student: Abijaya Udayveer
BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design

A rendering of a restaurant, multifunctional events space and immersive retail spaces

Etherea by Rabhia Begum

“A captivating commercial space that offers a serene and immersive multi-sensory experience, Etherea embraces the concept of holism, emphasizing the deep connection between individuals and their environment.

“With elegance, calmness and clarity as its guiding principles, Etherea provides an escape from everyday life and fosters meaningful connections within its unique setting.

“The design intends to address the loss of meaningful experiences in public spaces, promoting spiritual connections and amplifying the immaterial senses.

“The space serves as an ethereal restaurant, multifunctional event space and immersive retail space – all interconnected to create a psychologically impactful experience for users.

“By pushing spatial boundaries and introducing vertical architectural interventions, Etherea redefines the commercial experience, offering a space that inspires wonder, connection and fulfillment.”

Student: Rabia Begum
BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design

Rendering of a community centre

The Experience Center by Ellie Tuohy

“The Experience Center is an initiative aiming to uplift the local Birmingham community by creating a hub for socialisation.

“It holds particular significance in the post-pandemic era, as it seeks to revive community dynamics and offer experiences missed during lockdown.

“The project envisions a thriving Digbeth, attracting foot traffic and injecting energy into the streets. It serves as a catalyst for positive change, fostering engagement and a sense of belonging.

“By re-establishing the connection between people and their surroundings, the Experience Center aims to provide spaces that inspire and engage, stimulate dialogue and enhance wellbeing.”

Student: Ellie Tuohy
BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design

Architectural image of The Third Place – a community space for neurodiverse individuals

The Third Place by Alice Morgan

“The Third Place is a project that addresses the growing need for offline spaces within the neurodivergent community, enhancing the quality of social connections and conversations.

“By leveraging gamification and immersive storytelling, this design creates a unique physical space where neurodivergent individuals can gather, connect and relate to one another. It aims to alleviate the negative impacts of neuro-normative environments and reduce dependence on digital platforms for combating isolation.

“The project features two distinct areas, one for conversations and another ‘material experience’ that incorporates gamification, engaging participants’ minds and senses.

“This immersive experience fosters deep engagement, facilitates meaningful conversations, personal activities and team-building exercises. The Third Place is a celebration of neurodiversity and the power of fostering connections among individuals.”

Student: Alice Morgan
Courses: BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design

Architectural artwork of a fashion store

Outfitbox by Rebecca Lee

“An avant-garde fashion destination that aims to lead in innovation, Outfitbox features a clothing rental hub specifically designed for the fashion-forward Gen Z community.

“Its mission is to encourage sustainable living and promote fashion rentals, inspiring young individuals to revolutionize the fashion industry and embrace eco-conscious practices.

“Serving as a transformative catalyst, Outfitbox advocates for pre-owned fashion adoption, striving to minimize our environmental impact while embodying style and responsibility.

“By redefining the fashion experience, it aims to leave a lasting impression on future generations, emphasizing the importance of accountability and sustainability in the fashion world.”

Student: Rebecca Lee
BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design

Render of a working space

GIA House by Grace Dickerson

“A dynamic working hub where heritage and innovation converge, GIA House breathes new life into a Georgian host building by transforming it into exclusive apartments and collaborative workspaces.

“The project’s vision is to foster a vibrant community within the interior design and architecture industry, promoting collaboration and nurturing creativity.

“While paying homage to the architectural legacy, contemporary elements are seamlessly integrated, embracing innovative forms and materials. The spaces, both private and public, cater to the needs of commuters and visiting creatives.

“Traditional boundaries are diminishing, encouraging residents to embrace social areas for connection and engagement.

“This captivating blend of historical essence and modern design aims to create a functional space that embodies the ever-evolving nature of the industry.”

Student: Grace Dickerson
BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design

Abstract graphic image of a gallery dedicated to textile design

By Tate – A Textiles Gallery That Connects by Paige Hills

“Motivated by a collaboration with an existing textile business family, By Tate is a project that seeks to actively involve visitors in the realm of textiles by transforming passive observation into active participation.

“As visitors progress through the building, their interaction with textiles intensifies. The journey also includes an exploration of textile heritage, offering historical context and knowledge to visitors.

“A key aspect of the design is the commitment to free access to art, driven by a stakeholder named Tate who prioritizes education and creativity.

“To heighten inclusivity, accessibility and captivation, distinctive orange wrapping elements mark each zone, while balconies serve as connectors, inviting visitors to freely explore and foster a sense of freedom and discovery.

“The design project creates an environment that encourages active engagement, cultivates a deeper appreciation for textiles, and provides visitors with an immersive and enriching art experience.”

Student: Paige Hills
BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design

Render of a space designed for self-care

The Sanctuary by Amal Badr

“The Sanctuary project endeavors to establish a dynamic and versatile space that offers a range of amenities to suit diverse cultural interests.

“It serves as a refuge where individuals can seek response from the pressures of everyday life and discover tranquillity within a thoughtfully crafted environment.

“Features include a wellness floor that provides state-of-the-art facilities for rejuvenation and self-care. The library floor encourages intellectual exploration and personal growth, and the nursery play space is designed to inspire children’s creativity and development.

“Through meticulous design and purposeful implementation, The Sanctuary provides a harmonious blend of rejuvenation, knowledge and growth where people of all ages can connect, create, and thrive in a supportive and inclusive community.”

Student: Amal Badr
BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design

Rendering of a co-housing facility for homeless individuals

Abode by Laura Mcvey

“In response to the escalating homelessness crisis, the visionary Abode project aims to redefine co-housing residences for the homeless, providing holistic support and empowering opportunities.

“The project offers safe and secure housing, complemented by dedicated daytime spaces to empower and assist those experiencing homelessness.

“By creating inclusive public spaces including shops and restaurants, the Abode fosters social integration while dismantling barriers and stereotypes. The design prioritizes social interactions, promoting a sense of belonging and support.

“Abode represents a paradigm shift, embracing comprehensive strategies for empowerment, reintegration, and community engagement. It aspires to transform lives and foster a compassionate and inclusive society.”

Student: Laura Mcvey
BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design

Partnership content

This school show is a partnership between Dezeen and Birmingham City University. Find out more about Dezeen partnership content here.

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