Latest Kitchen Sink Trends

With the latest kitchen sink trend, the old is new again. For 2023, some classic but new trend sinks are appreciated to minimize your environmental footprint. Stainless steel sinks are versatile, durable and easy to clean. And a classic porcelain sink will last forever! But more environmentally friendly options—such as fireclay and copper sinks—are emerging. They’re sturdy, tamper-resistant, and can help your sink get its rightful place as the centerpiece of your kitchen.

When updating any interior design, it’s a good idea to check what others are doing. Here are some popular kitchen sink models that might fit perfectly in your home:

· Farmhouse sink – Up again. Also known as an apron sink, this sink has a large, deep basin. It has open sides and requires a certain aesthetic to fit.

· Lower sink – With a seamless finish, this sink is all about the low profile. They mount under countertops, so they’re better suited to solid surfaces and countertops (compared to tile or laminate).

· Food preparation sink – Imagine a kitchen where the food maker or someone who just wants to rinse their hands doesn’t have to stand in line behind the person rinsing dishes at the main sink. The food prep sink is a second, smaller sink that changes everything – freeing up traffic jams and allowing preppers access to water in a different location. Although they are small, they are great for kitchens that make a lot of homemade food. Think of them as the perfect complement to your main kitchen sink.

· Workstation sink – Launched by Galley Workstation, this newish sink category is all about equipment and the idea that your sink is more than just a sink. By selecting different cutting boards, display surfaces, grids and surfaces with cutouts for colanders, serving bowls, utensil holders and more, your sink is truly a work station or serving station. We sold several Galley Workstations and trust the original to remain at the top of the category they were created for, but acknowledge that there are bound to be other manufacturers with copycat setups on the market.

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