German Village renovation leads to headaches and awards

A one-bedroom German Village cottage built before the Civil War has been listed for $1.175 million after being gutted and expanded.

The rebuilt home received the German Village Society’s “Caretakers of the Legacy” award in 2021, but the award was hard-earned for owners Jim and Tammie Fisher.

The couple’s plan to simply update the home when they bought it in 2019 proved to be naïve, Jim Fisher said.

A small German Village cottage from 1860 was stripped to the bones during its 2020 renovation.

“As we got into it, we found out there were things that needed more attention than we thought,” he said.

“We hoped to save the hardwood floors, for example, and found out there wasn’t enough good material to do that, so we took the floor material and repurposed it for the range hood, the bathroom ceiling and other uses. The house also had an original slate roof that leaked. As we tried to fix the leaks, we discovered it was making it worse. It got to the point we needed to replace the slate. As we took the old slate off, we discovered we had to replace the roof trusses as well …

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