Here’s How Much Money You’ll Save Using Costco’s Home Renovation Service

Maybe you’ve decided it’s time to install a new carpet in your home, especially after years of pets and toddlers have taken a toll on your floors. If you choose Costco to help you complete this project, they will contract with a selection of third parties, such as Shaw Flooring, to send a representative to measure your space. This initial step is the first way that Costco will save you money on your project. The flooring representative will provide a professional in-home consultation for free, completing a professional measurement as well as providing a number of flooring samples to consider in your home.

Many home improvement stores will charge a non-refundable fee for this same type of service. The deposit can later be applied to the cost of the flooring installation, but if you decide to choose a different provider, that fee will not be reimbursed. These other stores also offer free flooring samples, but only after the deposit has been paid for the consultation. Of course, it’s possible to visit a home improvement store and view their samples in person, but you lose the advantage of evaluating these samples in the atmosphere of your home. Costco’s offer to coordinate the measurements and the opportunity to evaluate flooring samples for free in your own home is the first advantage for contracting your home improvement project through them.

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