Ireland Is Giving People $92,000 To Renovate a Home

Ever wanted to pack your bags, move to a remote island, and dive head-first into a home renovation project? Ireland’s making your dream a reality—well, sort of.

The Irish government recently revealed its Our Living Lands pledge, a 10-year national policy to revitalize the islands off their western coast. Per the initiative, Ireland will give individuals €84,000 (approximately $92,000) to refurbish vacant or run-down homes on 30 of the country’s islands. The goal, according to the Irish government is to strengthen the islands’ communities and increase their population.

For many, this seems like a great opportunity to spend time in Ireland—which, don’t get us wrong, it is. However, in this corner of the internet, we’re seeing it as an opportunity to live out our dreams as professional home renovators. (Do you hear that HGTV? We’re ready for our closeup!)

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But before you start envisioning your very own season of Renovation Island, there are a few drawbacks. Not only are the eligible islands not connected to the mainland by bridges, but they’re also cut off by the tides, so sourcing materials, contractors, and decorations won’t be easy. If you saw last year’s visually stunning film The Banshees of Inisherin, then you know how incredibly beautiful—and remote—it can be there. One of the islands covered by the pledge actually is stunning Inis Mór, where Banshees was filmed.

It’s also worth noting that while anyone can own property in Ireland, CNN reports that it doesn’t mean you can legally live in Ireland. (But, hey, it’s not like Christina Hall or Chip and Joanna Gaines live in all of their projects.)

Ireland’s Our Living Living Lands initiative goes into effect on July 1. Once a grant has been given, the recipient must spend the entire budget on structural improvements, installing insulation, and decorations. Challenge accepted!

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