Living Room Mood Board + Takeaway Design Tips

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Living Room Mood Board + Takeaway Design Tips

Get inspiration for your home with this summer living room mood board!

Mondays aren’t always the most inspiring day of the week and not the day we look forward to after a great weekend, but I’m trying to change that with our Monday Mood Board! I hope our mood boards can serve as inspiration to you and your home.

Living Room Mood Board + Takeaway Design Tips

Takeout Tips for Bringing This Look to Your Own Home:

The atmosphere of this living room for me feels so calm and serene. I love the vibes that are fresh, comfortable, and effortlessly pretty!

Here are some take away style tips from this mood board:

The key piece in this room is timeless. They will stand the test of time (yet still look very current to this day!) – sofas, spindle side tables, roll-up leather accent chairs, and transitional style rugs.

The space has an organic feel derived from natural colors and materials, botanical artwork, and wicker textures on the trays, scalloped frames, and rattan lampshades on the floor lamps.

Oversized table lamps make a statement. Black creates a welcome contrast to the light sofa (which is also repeated in botanical art!).

The (fake) leather armchair adds a rich warm texture to a room that always makes any room cozier.

The striped stool serves as a charming footrest or coffee table (a wicker tray would be great on top for a sturdier surface!), and is also versatile for use as extra seating when needed.

Books are a decoration accessory that I cannot live without. This is a lovely coffee table book (and also full of great stories, I’ve been reading it lately and enjoying it!).

Subtle shades of blue are repeated and blended with the ottoman, rug, gingerbread and wall color.

Plants (real or even artificial like this fake fiddle tree!) always liven up a room. Taller plants can fill in corners and add visual height. If you ever have a wall or corner that feels empty, try a tall plant! Check out this inspiring space with plants and greenery here.

The mood board source link is below. You can use all the elements on this mood board to recreate an entire look or pick your favorites and incorporate them into your own sense of style. Save this to your Pinterest boards for future inspiration!

Living Room Mood Board + Takeaway Design Tips
Living Room Mood Board + Takeaway Design Tips

Transition Patterned Area Rug

Spindle End Table

Large Black Resin Desk Lamp

Black and White Botanical Framed Art Set

Faux Leather Armchair

Blue and White Flower Chinoiserie Ginger Jars

Rattan Shade Reading Floor Lamp

White Slipcovered Sofa (I have the same sofa in the square arm version, my daughter Courtney now has it! See photos of it in my house and FAQ here)

Artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Blue and White Striped Cube Bench

Natural Woven Tray

Sacred Space Book

Scalloped Woven Picture Frame

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Living Room Mood Board + Takeaway Design Tips

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