Modern Luxury: Innovative Design Ideas for Your Upscale Home Renovation

Everyone wants to make their living space comfortable, bright and luxurious. And to achieve balance and transform your household into an oasis of luxury and relaxation, you will have to choose a good contractor. If you googled terms such as “Calgary renovations”, but you are confused by the abundance of information and possibilities, don’t worry, we got you.

If you want to repurpose, enrich or expand a certain space with certain interventions, you will need the help of experts.

Modern design implies and is based on effective simplicity with indispensable functionality. The vast majority of modern homes have clean lines and open space, and are as free of designer “mess” as possible, while still making the ambiance comfortable and functional.

Luxury Home Aesthetics

Modernist aesthetics are not limited to a certain style, because contemporary furniture and decoration should have the personal style and preferences of the home owner. What is important for you to know is that your style can be a combination of two or more different styles. Modern interior design respects your taste, visions and wishes and allows you to create your own style.

If you want to renovate, repurpose or redecorate parts of the house or the entire interior, then you will need to find an excellent contractor. There are certain factors that you must pay attention to before hiring a contractor or starting the renovation process.

Steps you must take before starting to look for a company to perform the work

Before starting the renovation process itself, you must have a fixed budget, establish the scope of the project, and timeline, obtain the necessary construction permits, and find a company to carry out the work.


It is of crucial importance to have a fixed budget and an upper monetary limit that you cannot exceed. You also have to take into account possible unplanned costs that may arise during the work. This can further disrupt the deadline for the completion of the work and increase the costs of the project itself.

You have to know what the priority is

If you have several rooms that you want to change and modernize with a new interior design and you don’t have the money for the whole undertaking, then you have to determine which rooms are your priority. You should inform the architects in advance about the scope of the project and not add additional conditions that were not previously agreed upon.

Construction permits

For certain projects on your house, you will need to obtain the necessary building permits. This applies only if you want to go beyond the existing dimensions of your home. By this we mean adding a floor, extending part of the house into the yard, or creating a glazed summer garden, for all this you will have to request all the necessary building and city permits.

The time limit for completion of works

The deadline for the completion of the works must be previously agreed upon with the client and the contractor following the scope of the project itself. Clear and direct communication between the client and the contractor is also of crucial importance here.

What makes a modern design?

What makes a modern design is unique and effective furniture, natural materials, various decorative elements in vivid colors, white walls or neutral earthy tones, clean and clear lines, beautiful modern wallpaper, open space, introducing additional natural light into the space itself through large windows, high ceilings, use of stone, wood and various tile patterns. Each item can be individually styled in your way and according to your style. In agreement with the architect, you must say in advance everything you want to be integrated into your interior design.

Pay attention to details

Decorative elements are one of the best ways to emphasize your style. If you want some things to have their authenticity, originality, and simplicity, you will have to experiment a bit with decorative elements such as various pillow products, a special pattern of carpets, curtains, vases, and design elements such as coffee tables, chairs , and art. Each decorative element gives special emphasis to the design itself, emphasizes it, and additionally complements it.

Furniture and household appliances

When it comes to modern design, custom-made design plays a big role here, where you can make a piece of furniture with the design you want according to your measurements. The furniture is usually lighter in texture and color, with earthy neutral tones predominating. When buying furniture and household appliances individually, this endeavor will cost you a lot of money.

Materialization of floors

When it comes to materializing floors in modern design, the approach is to use as natural and neutral materials as possible. Floors can be made of stone, tiles or parquet. We advise you if you are able, to introduce underfloor heating in the spaces where you spend most of your time.


Modern luxury is far from what it was considered several decades ago. Now, modern luxury means sustainability, eco-friendly surroundings, smart home appliances, increased use of natural lighting, high-quality and durable materials, and more.

Modern luxury can be achieved at a plethora of price points, allowing for everyone to achieve some level of luxury and satisfaction in their home.

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