There are many reasons that become the basis for someone to choose a housing area related to location, model, size, facilities, and price. On the other hand, the COVID-19 pandemic that we have experienced since the beginning of 2020 has also brought many adaptations related to special placements that are placed with designs, features, and facilities to ensure all residents stay healthy.

The development of infrastructure and facilities in the Jakarta buffer zone has also made the Jabodetabek megapolitan area more mature and integrated. This has finally encouraged people’s interest in choosing landed houses in suburban areas in line with the development of easier accessibility and offering more affordable prices compared to houses in Jakarta.

The pandemic has also made public awareness of health continue to increase and this is what developers continue to realize in terms of design, features and facilities in their area. This is what makes the township area in the south of Jakarta increasingly strengthen its development concept by rebranding and rejuvenating.

One of them is what was done in a 750-hectare township in Telaga Kahuripan, the result of the development of PT Kuripan Raya. Located on Jalan Raya Parung Km. 47, Kemang District, Bogor, West Java, since 2021 Telaga Kahuripan has continued to make various adjustments regarding the concept of housing and its area to meet market needs.

“The rejuvenation program that we are carrying out is very comprehensive and for this we are investing up to IDR 100 billion to bring a new color to the area we are developing. This is inseparable from the potential of the area and various changes related to the concept of housing after we live with a pandemic. More details regarding various These changes can be seen at www.telagakahuripan.co.id,” said Richie Laseduw, Chief Marketing Officer of PT Kuripan Raya.

Adjusting to market needs, Telaga Kahuripan applies the open house concept in its newest cluster, Aluna Cluster (26 ha). Starting from the very up-to-date facade model, the layout according to the needs of young families, to the various features designed in great detail to meet the needs of young families.

The facade or front view of the house, for example, uses a saddle roof with a very modern style and looks neat with a play of firm lines that make the house look very contemporary and stylish. Likewise with the balcony area which applies concrete lines not only for appearance but also allows this area to be exposed to wide sunlight but still protected.

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