Only 3.5 meters wide, look at modern home designs

The arrangement is so efficient and very pleasing to the eye.

Dream – The trend of tiny houses with aesthetic arrangements is currently in great demand. Each corner is decorated with detail, including lighting, so it’s very pleasing to the eye and makes you feel at home.

Are you looking to organize a room or maybe you want to make a tiny house but maximally comfortable? Friends of Dream can see the design of the TT House in Binh Tan district, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

This house is 3.5 meters wide by 12 meters long with a very modern design. The façade uses natural stone materials, with wooden doors combined with glass and iron.


Also made a permanent pot that extends on the side. You can put plants that make the atmosphere of the house more beautiful. Likewise at the top, there is a corner for placing plants which has a home effect like having refreshing plant “bangs”.

Dry garden©

When the outer door is opened, there is a small dry garden. The top is left open so that natural light can enter the house to the fullest.

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Modern Interiors


When you enter the inside, there is a long sofa with a predominance of white walls. Lighting is very important in this room. Visible from the lighting on each side.


The family lounge area as well as the living room has an open concept, which is directly limited by the kitchen and dining room. This makes the room seem more spacious.

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2nd Floor

floor house©

There is a staircase that also has a modern design with large windows. This makes the house very bright and luxurious.


The atmosphere is created with many openings. Large windows and glass doors make this house even though it is small in size, still looks very attractive.

House© Happynest. Vn

This house is also equipped with a comfortable work area. Utilizing a small corner on the second floor, this room also has a modern feel with a combination of white walls and cabinets and a custom table made of wood.

Interesting right?

Source: Happynest.VN

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Round Greenhouse, Sweet Alluring Design

Dream – A house with a simple one-story arrangement, is the choice of people who have small families. With the right design and arrangement, a tiny house will still feel comfortable and aesthetic.

Like the house with round glass accents in Thailand designed by MB Design House. It has a round glass accent on the front which is an attraction.

House© MB Design House

Photo: Instagram

On the side there is also a simple fish pond that creates a beautiful atmosphere. More comfortable with the placement of hanging swings.

House© MB Design House

Photo: Instagram

The color combination is inspired by modern minimalist Japanese houses. Dominated by white and wood.

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See the Interior

House© MB Design House

Photo: Instagram

Entering the inside, the colors chosen are also soft colors. Wooden floors, white sofas, wooden furniture with bright color tones, also a medium sized tree in the corner of the room. This combination creates a warm atmosphere

House© Instagram

Also included in the leisure area out. There is a very sweet arch-shaped barrier door. Selected furniture also has a matching color.

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Kitchen© MB Design House

Photo: Instagram

The kitchen area is still arranged with the same feel. The kitchen table is covered with white ceramic, a stainless sink and a window that is wide enough.

House© Instagram

Photo: Instagram

In the rear outside area is used for washing and drying areas. How do you think the arrangement of this house?

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