Here’s how to earn up to $14K for home improvements

If you’re looking to upgrade your home, you may be able to save thousands of dollars by taking advantage of the Reduced Inflation Act, which includes tax credits and cash rebates on certain energy-efficient purchases.

When Paul Hope renovated his

Vizio Expands Slate of Original Programming With ‘Clean Break’ Home Improvement Series

Erik Gruenwedel

Vizio July 10 announced the launch of its next exclusive content series, home improvement show “Clean Break”. Hosted by professional organizer Michelle Hobgood, the series delves into the world of organizational tips and tricks, inspired

Don’t Fall for These 10 Home Improvement Scams

elderly woman in orange shirt talking on a cell phone while a contractor works on a white wall behind her


You’re ready to tackle your next home improvement project, and all you need is a contractor to take on the job. While it may be convenient to use the contractor who left a flyer at your door, homeowners

Zachery Ty Bryan on How His Life Spiraled Out of Control After ‘Home Improvement’

Zachery Ty Bryan struggled to find acting work after starring as eldest son Brad Taylor in all eight seasons of Home Improvements. He opened up about the struggles, and the hard comedown of teen fame, in a new interview

Tim Allen Says Home Improvement Son Zachary Ty Bryan ‘Corrupted’

Tim Allen showed compassion for the actor who played his son on Home Improvements for eight seasons in the 1990s, but he didn’t try to defend him.

Zachery Ty Bryan played oldest son Brad Taylor on the hit 1990s ABC

2 Dividend Rewarding Stocks in the Home Improvement Industry – June 20, 2023

The home improvement industry has witnessed a boom in the past three years as homeowners looked for ways to make better entertainment and work-from-home spaces. Revamping interiors and exteriors, do-it-yourself (DIY) projects for decorating and maintaining furniture and fixtures, and

Ask Angi: What are the biggest upcoming home shopping trends?

The last few years have seen major changes in our lifestyles and spending, and our homes are no exception. Angi’s Household Expense Report for 2022 shows how things have changed this year, and what you can expect for 2023.


The most popular home projects are not the ones with the best returns

Millennial homeowners shift toward renovating instead of selling, says BofA's Liz Suzuki

Most homeowners are planning to remodel at some point down the road, but not everyone will get their money’s worth in improving home value.

Of all home improvement projects, the most popular are sparkling bathroom overhauls, according to newly released

America’s home improvement boom appears to be over

New York

Americans turned into DIY fanatics during the pandemic, beautifying their apartments, homes and condos while they were stuck inside and tired of looking at the same drab interior every day.

But the Covid emergency is over,