The four houses that stand on a large plot in Kurumassery in Aluva are symbols of the deep love and affection between siblings. Homes may look different; however, this does not affect the special bond shared by the siblings. Of particular interest is Mohandas, the eldest brother who designs his own house as well as those of his siblings.

Mohandas said that it was their parents’ biggest wish that the four brothers stay close and live in the same plot. In addition, their children work or study abroad. So, staying close is the best way to take care of each other.

Mohandas House features elegant traditional architecture. GI truss roofs are installed over flat roofs. Additionally, the tiles have been paved to add that classic touch.

The pillars made of mahogany wood are the charm of a traditional seat. Meanwhile, the remaining wood has been used to make furniture and cots.

Designed on 1480 square feet, this classy residence features a sitting area, living and dining area, courtyard, pooja room, kitchen and two bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms.

It is this inner courtyard that attracts attention as soon as the entrance is opened. Golden sunlight and cool rain showers stream into the house through the open ceiling of the courtyard. Interestingly, the interior spaces are arranged around this courtyard.

The floor of the house reminds one of the red oxide floors commonly seen in old houses. However, instead of red oxide, red epoxy flooring has been done here. It’s also relatively cheaper.

The space is designed in an open style to make the interior look and feel spacious. Dining area – kitchen has also been designed in an open style. The bedroom is simple but elegant. The bedroom connected to the bathroom has a wardrobe for storage.

Interestingly, a family temple was built within the plot. In addition, there is also a footpath that family members use to take a walk at night. A large mango tree more than four decades old stood out front, providing shade. Although many advised the siblings to cut down the tree as it would obstruct the view, they decided to keep their favorite mango tree. The tree will become a home for birds and squirrels during mango season.

The construction of the house, including its structure and furnishings, was completed within a reasonable budget of Rs 26 lakh. Beautiful woods including teak have been used for the furniture to give it a classy charm. The owner said that about Rs 6 lakh was spent on woodworking alone. Costs can be reduced by using alternative furnishing materials.

The family was very happy and relieved that they could enjoy the love and warmth of the dearest people living nearby.

Project Facts

Location – Kurumasseri, Aluva

Area – 1480 SFT

Owner and designer – Mohandas

Budget – Rs 26 lakh

By Gundah

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