9 Ideas For Designing A House In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

You can build anything you set your mind to in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Sometimes, those things are deeply convoluted – but sometimes, you get to build a house. After you put down a hefty deposit in Tarry Town, a village you helped establish back in Breath of the Wild, a small chunk of land right outside of town is yours.

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This isn’t Link’s first stint as a homeowner, but it is the first one that allows him to customize his living quarters. His first house in Hateno Village was cute, but this house can be exactly what you want it to be – whether that be a glorified storage unit, or a botanical garden.



9 Small And Intimate

Tears of the Kingdom - Link facing his two-room house surrounded by gardens

Link is a man defined by simplicity – he doesn’t need big, fancy things. He’s probably happy just to lay his head on a bed at the end of the day, so why buy all this extra stuff when the complimentary rooms provided by Hudson Construction will serve just as well? Throw in a study and maybe some flower beds, and you have a perfect little home for Link.

This tiny home is the easiest to build around. You can surround it with gardens and stables if you want a more outdoorsy vibe. And, best of all, it’s easy to place. Bigger isn’t always better.

8 Storage Units

Tears of the Kingdom - Link facing a Bow display room and a Weapon display room in his house

Even with an upgraded carry capacity (courtesy of everyone’s favorite Korok, Hestu), you’ll likely still find yourself trying to manage your weapons, shields, and bows meticulously. There are always more of them to find, and sometimes it can be a real struggle to abandon one for another. If only there was somewhere you could put them…

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Well, you’re in luck! One of the room types you can add to your dream home are weapon, shield, and bow display rooms. Each can hold three of whatever you put in them. The only drawback is that you are limited to the number of rooms your house can have – fifteen rooms, to be exact – and they cost a pricey 600 rupees each. But at least you have somewhere to put your stuff now.

7 It’s Called Art

Tears of the Kingdom - Link's house with two gallery rooms showing photos of the light dragon and a dog

Link’s a pretty adept photographer, all things considered. It’s not like there’s anyone to teach him the ropes, and he’s one of, like, two people with the ability to capture images. It’s a unique ability; sometimes you want to show off your outstanding shots. How else will anyone know you faced a Lynel head-on, after all?

Granteson moonlights as a painter; with his help, you can display your best photographs for the world to see. If you really wanted to, you could abandon the pretense of this being a house altogether and just make it into your personal art studio/museum.

6 Garden Paradise

Tears of the kingdom - top down view of Link on his house's roof, with roof garden, gardens surrounding the house, and a pond

The only downside to these beautiful flower beds is that you can’t plant anything in them. It’s not like the little garden you can unlock in Hateno Village – these are static gardens whose only purpose is to look pretty. But, if you’re building a dream home, you probably want it to have whatever people in Hyrule would call curb appeal.

So make yourself a verdant paradise, complete with a pond that inexplicably always has one Sanke Carp swimming in its waters. This house design choice is for the Link that needs a more dialed-down hobby, or just a zen place to rest. Either way, Zelda would probably find it delightful.

5 Culinary Perfection

the legend of zelda tears of the kingdom the kitchen inside of Link's house with a lit cooking pot

It’s hard to fathom building Link a beautiful home and not giving him an amazing kitchen to cook everything from elixirs to meals to dubious food. Cooking is part of the lifeblood of this iteration of Hyrule, a crucial element to your adventure. It can’t be ignored, and it’s nice to have somewhere inside to make your delicious meals – rain can so quickly douse the other cookstoves you find in the world.

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And yeah, you could use your Zonai portable cookstoves if you wanted to, but there’s a reason everyone always emphasizes “home” in the phrase “home-cooked meal.” This is a kitchen for Link to experiment in, a place where you don’t have to worry about monsters or the elements. Let Link cook.

4 Horse Haven

Tears of the Kingdom - Two of Link's horses in dream house stable

It’s not as if there aren’t plenty of stables scattered about Hyrule; from “mini” stables to the complete, horse-headed yurts, you can always find somewhere safe to keep your horses. Still, maybe you’d like them a little closer to home, where visiting a stable won’t be necessary to go for a joyride.

You can add a stable, or two, or three, to your new home. Your favorite (and best) horses will probably enjoy the comforts it offers, and, well, it’s downright convenient. Plus, with most regular stables, you can’t actually see your loyal steeds until you take them out. It’s nice to be able to look at your trusty companion, even when you don’t need them. Hey, they deserve a break, too.

3 Full House

Tears of the Kingdom - Link standing in the main room of his house with a stairwell in the background

Go big or go home, right? Besides the limit of fifteen rooms in total, there’s no reason to limit yourself. If you have the rupees, you can make your dreams come true – so do whatever you want. Maybe Link would like an unreasonably large house with everything he needs to defeat Ganondorf and save the day.

So why not get a huge living room? A study, a kitchen, displays for your weapons and photography? Why not build more stores for all your things? And yeah, the center room offers nothing for Link to do – he doesn’t know how to sit down – but this is about the extravagant vibes. Link deserves a little extravagance if anyone does.

Tears of the Kingdom - Link standing outside of his dream house and a guest house with the moon in the background

Link has made some lifelong friends on his journey, and there’s no reason to believe he wouldn’t be a generous host. To that end, why not build a little guest house when Link has visitors? Just an extra bedroom and foyer, nothing especially fancy. Link isn’t made of rupees, after all, and the people who would likely be his guests, like the new Sages, probably wouldn’t want him to make too much of a fuss on their account.

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Besides, a little extra house is super cute. You can put a little garden on its roof if you feel like sprucing it up a bit. Or, if you’re a romantic, you can pretend Link built the main house with Zelda in mind, and the cute cottage outside is for him. Either way, it makes an adorable addition to your new dream home.

1 Like A Prayer

the legend of zelda tears of the kingdom the blessing room in link's house with the goddess statue

Goddess statues aren’t hard to come by, it’s just that sometimes you just don’t want to track to one. Again, the folks at Hudson Construction have planned for this by offering you a prayer room to purchase. It’s so convenient for Link to wake up, walk two feet, and find himself face-to-face with a power-up statue.

Of course, you’re probably not going to bring Link back to his house every night, but having this statue so conveniently close means you don’t have to make a whole trip to a town just to upgrade. Plus, it’s a nice, simple addition with no extravagance to it. A quiet room for contemplation and upgrades.

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