Chip And Joanna Gaines Reveal The ‘Biggest Challenges’ They Face Compared To Some Other Home Renovation Shows

Chip and Joanna Gaines are continuing to take over the home makeover market, from their Fixer Upper spinoffs to their own network and more. They’ve previously opened up about the major problem with their homes now that their shows are so popular, but now the duo is getting candid about the biggest challenges they face compared to other home renovation series.

The Gaines have been pretty busy between running the Magnolia Network and working on major renovations such as Fixer Upper: The Castle. They first made their marks in 2013 when Fixer Upper premiered on HGTV, fast forward a decade, and they are now well-known faces in the world of home renovations. So, considering this vast world of renovation shows, Chip Gaines opened up to Deadline about what sets him and his wife apart from other series, explaining the role authenticity plays in their work:

I think what’s been cool about us — and what I’m proud of — goes back to that sort of naive position of when we got into this. We didn’t look at something we thought was successful and then try to emulate it; try to reproduce it. So, if we’re disruptive, it’s because we are completely original and completely authentic. And then even the word is authentic, especially over the last three to five years, it’s kind of like a gag. It’s become its own tagline or sales pitch: ‘Oh, wait until you meet this couple! They’re really authentic!’ And then all the things that preceded them are exactly what they are trying to replicate. We’re just being ourselves.

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