All-Inclusive Home Remodeling Available For Tempe Residents


Published July 17, 2023

AZ based Phoenix Home Remodeling is making its services available to property owners in Tempe, Arizona. The company has a wealth of experience accommodating the needs of homeowners and investors across the country, and they look forward to helping clients bring their Tempe home remodeling projects to life.

Phoenix Home Remodeling’s services are wide-ranging, and clients are welcome to involve the contractor for all manner of home improvement projects regardless of their scope. The company is just as capable of remodeling an entire interior of a property as they are working on a tile shower remodel. Clients are advised to get in touch if they are considering a remodel on their bathroom, shower, laundry room, kitchen, and other interior spaces.

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In all cases, the client’s preferences and needs come first, and no actions are taken without their enthusiastic approval. Phoenix Home Remodeling explains that client satisfaction is extremely important to the team, so they make it a point to explain the reasoning behind any recommendations or proposed designs to ensure the client fully understands the situation at hand. Enthusiastic approval, they say, can only come from a client who is fully on board with a plan. This is only possible if they know what to expect.

Adding to this, one of the primary reasons homeowners prefer Phoenix Home Remodeling is the team’s commitment to the Design-Build philosophy. Design-Build is widely considered to be the best-performing delivery system as it dramatically simplifies much of the process for the client and consolidates all project concerns into a single plan. As such, a contractor working by the Design-Build standard would assume all design responsibilities as well as construction, and this also means they can present clients with an all-inclusive estimate where costs and scheduling are concerned.

Phoenix Home Remodeling explains that this allows homeowners to enjoy a low-risk home improvement process. Without Design-Build, they may have to proceed without a firm grasp of what their project will require, and this notoriously has the potential to drive up costs as time goes on. This can also lead to frustrating (and costly) delays since it may be difficult to source materials without the stringent planning Design-Build calls for.

Tempe home improvement projects would benefit greatly if a Design-Build contractor was tasked with completing them. Phoenix Home Remodeling, for example, has a 4-step process where construction represents the final action. Most of their effort is dedicated to establishing a foundation for this last step to take place smoothly.

The first step is to schedule a consultation with the company. Homeowners can simply call Phoenix Home Remodeling to discuss their needs and expectations. Over the course of this consultation, they will receive remodeling advice, get all their questions answered, have opportunities to go over all their remodeling needs and get a price quote from the company’s admin manager. They should note that this quote is a ballpark figure — more accurate figures will be delivered as the company’s full assessment proceeds in successive steps.

Should the homeowner wish to continue, the second step will be to perform an in-home evaluation. With the team present onsite, the homeowner can point out exactly what they are looking for and discuss their needs further. Phoenix Home Remodeling will take preliminary measurements and send a written proposal.

Step 3 is where the majority of the planning and design work takes place. This may be the most important part of the process as it covers the entirety of the construction that is to come. Once the client signs a feasibility, planning and design agreement, they and the team will work on finalizing the project’s scope, design and price. This includes the cost of materials, labor and more.

The last step is construction. Once the client decides to commit to the plan, the company will start working on their home remodel project. The homeowner is kept up to date with their progress at all times. Given that all the necessary decisions have already been made, they have the luxury of sitting back and watching their remodel come to life.

Phoenix Home Remodeling can be reached by phone or email, and a client can get in touch today to start planning their Tempe home remodeling project. More information on specific services can be found here: Tempe kitchen remodeling – Phoenix Home Remodeling.


For more information about Phoenix Home Remodeling, contact the company here:

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