An Interior Design Expert Clarifies The One Spot You Shouldn’t Put A Laundry Room

Basements are also typically far from the main area, which can make it inconvenient to access the laundry room. You won’t be able to just pop in to check the progress, and laundry becomes more energy-consuming than it needs to be when you have to carry full laundry baskets up and down the house. This inconvenience especially poses problems for people with mobility issues — older family members in the household who want to do laundry may not be able to do it safely.

Space allocation is another thing to consider. Basements often serve as multi-purpose areas, such as storage, recreational spaces, or home offices. Using it as a laundry room may take up valuable space that could be better utilized for other purposes. Another problem you can face when you put your laundry room in the basement is if you ever need to take out or bring in a laundry machine. Also, consider lighting and helpful appliances like sinks. These go a long way when doing laundry and may not be available or adequate in the basement.

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