Design Experts Explain How to Add Warmth to Your All-White Bathroom

The accessories you choose can breathe new life into a room, and like textiles, they’re easy to mix up whenever you want a change. “Think about incorporating natural elements, such as warmer teak or earthenware storage tubes for cotton swabs and toothbrushes, as these small countertop items lend personality and softness to your bathroom,” suggests Black. Play around with floating bamboo shelves, towel racks featuring heavy grain and wicker baskets. If you want to go big, consider vessel sinks that deviate from standard porcelain and feature imperfect shapes of stone or wood.

Texture can be present in more than just the fabric; wall art and sculpture add great volume and texture to a room. “Hanging wall art is also an essential accessory to bring warmth to your space,” explains Black. “It can be a work of art, a painting, or a print or a photograph – there are no rules here.” Black believes another accessory that shouldn’t be neglected is plants. Whether fake or live, the vibrant leaves give your bathroom a beautiful and fresh look.

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