Isabel Ladd thrives on creating homes saturated in a kaleidoscope of meticulously layered patterns and colors. A girl of many mantras, Isabel loves to preach: ‘Beige is not a color. More is More; Less is a Bore. And above all else: Mix. Don’t Match.’

An intuitive and enthusiastic designer, she dubs her style ‘Curated Maximalism’: an intelligent yet intuitive layering of colorful elements that all relate to and build upon one another.

Here, we take a look at Isabel’s interior design work past, present and future.

Isabel Ladd

(Image credit: Isabel Ladd)

A Brazilian native, Isabel moved with her family to raise horses in Kentucky. After Fashion School, she found her footing in the thriving Los Angeles fashion world and the maximalist was born!

Her work in the fashion and textile industry instilled a love of fabrics and prints, which segued into a love of interiors. Working mainly on residential homes throughout Lexington and central Kentucky, Isabel has completed several jewel-box commercial spaces including the Queen’s Gambit suites in the 21C Hotel and Cornett Advertising Agency offices.

Green sofa, wooden table and stools, golden light

(Image credit: Isabel Ladd/Katie Charlotte)

Isabel Ladd caters to young families with children and has an effortless way of making her clients feel comfortable pushing past their comfort zones to adapt and then fall in love with her creative and unique take on maximalism, and bold colors and patterns, which she has written about for us.

With an emphasis on full-service interior design for single family homes and primary residences, Isabel will also update individual rooms for past clients and of course tackle second and vacation homes.

Orange armchair, white rug and table

(Image credit: Isabel Ladd/Katie Charlotte)

Isabel is the color whisperer; she has an innate ability to draw her clients to color and pattern in a way they never expected. This confidence allows her clients to push past their comfort zones and to fully embrace the power of interior design and the vitality that color adds to their homes.

Red and white rugs, transparent chairs, white cupboards

(Image credit: Isabel Ladd/Katie Charlotte)

Isabel is also an active personality and design authority sharing her expertise on panels at High Point Market, KBIS and other markets while also working on a new retail store and offices recently opened in Lexington. Isabel has her eye on the future and is gearing up for future licensing and product design and development. As a trained textile designer, we can’t wait to see what she dreams of.

Wooden dining table and chairs, white fireplace, green door

(Image credit: Isabel Ladd/Katie Charlotte)

Isabel is endlessly inspired by her Brazilian heritage, the rich and vibrant colors, patterns, scents, foods and people. Her native culture is full of live and vitality with a deep appreciation of how all things work together in an organized chaos.

Dream clients allow Isabel to truly stay creative and conjure up a symphony of wild patterns and color combinations. Dream clients trust Isabel to know when to go all out, and when to reign it in. Dream clients tell Isabel: ‘We hired you for your maximalism, now go BIG, girl!’

Green walls gold and black bars, wooden shelves

(Image credit: Isabel Ladd/Katie Charlotte)

Isabel is actively working on breaking into TV with a design themed show. She loves a microphone and camera and wants to share her mastery of mixing high and low, color and pattern with the world.

Wooden chairs and tables, vases

(Image credit: Isabel Ladd/Katie Charlotte)

Isabel’s team continues to grow with the long-term goal of expanding her brand into the home furnishings market with her iconic Curated Maximalist collection of fabrics, wallpapers, lighting, furniture, and accessories. We wish her luck!

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