Officials warn homeowners of ‘home improvement’ scam

SIOUX COUNTY, Iowa (KELO) — Authorities in Northwestern Iowa are warning residents about a “home improvement” scam in the area.

The Sioux County Sheriff says that in a recent incident, a suspect was offered to paint a building on a farm.

They then claimed to run out of paint and would be back the next day to finish but wanted to be paid.

After getting the money, the suspect left and never finished the job, leaving the building in sub-par condition.

Authorities say this scam occurs when subjects go door-to-door trying to get work in outdoor tasks like painting, roofing, or landscaping. They will then do sub-par work for a higher rate or not finish the job.

Authorities say it’s a good idea to ask for references and check them before agreeing to work. Officials also recommend getting a written estimate.

If the company pressures you or starts without your permission, call your local law enforcement.

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