30 Times People Should Really Not Have Done Any Home Renovation Work Themselves

They say, practice makes perfect, and professionals know it to be true after spending years trying to master their craft. That’s why there’s usually a clear distinction between an end result provided by a professional—or at least with the help from one—and an amateur, be it making desserts or building houses.

When it comes to the latter, it’s worth remembering that architecture-related decisions require knowledge in different areas, from engineering to design, and beyond. That’s why hiring a professional is usually the sensible thing to do, as they typically have years of experience, not to mention the value of education they go through.

Be that as it may, not all people opt for professional help when building something, which often results in disasters, such as the ones shared on the ‘You Should Have Hired an Architect’ Facebook group. It is home to the best worst architectural ‘gems’, some of which you can find on the list below. Browse the pictures and see for yourself that they really could have benefited from some help from a professional.

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