[Photo provided by KCC Glass]

[Photo provided by KCC Glass]

The demand for partial home renovation is on a rise as South Korean families opt for a more affordable approach to transforming houses amid rising raw material prices and labor costs.

According to industry sources on Monday, demand for partial remodeling projects has gone up for their convenience and lower cost.

Partial renovation allows families to choose the areas they want to transform without the need to move out. The simpler home face-lift costs less than renovating the whole space in the house, with a shorter period, which takes one to 3 days.

Korea’s largest furniture and home furnishing company Hanssem Co. said that sales from sliding door construction contracts rose 10 percent between April and May from a year ago.

A sliding door at the entrance, a popular solution to partial home remodeling, costs an average of 1 million won ($764) for installation. Surveys found that customers report high satisfaction when installing the doors in their places.

Home remodeling brands have shifted their focus to launch a new strategy combining different services ranging from measurement, design, engineering, and maintenance into a single remodeling product.

For example, Hanssem unveiled the so-called “Simple Package,” in which the company is responsible for the whole stages of remodeling while using certified construction materials.

“Though the market for home remodeling has shrunk due to the real estate recession, the demand for partial renovation is steadily expanding,” said an official from Hanssem.

HomeCC Interior, a remodeling brand under KCC Glass Corp., also offers a one-stop service for partial remodeling. Customers can select the space they want to change and the mood they want for the area.

By Chung Ji-sung and Han Yubin

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