The Council is considering a reno for the Aldergrove Station House

Langley Township is considering renovating Aldergrove Community Station House, home of Langley Meals on Wheels.

During its meeting Monday, December 12, the council voted to submit a list of potential renovations to this year’s city budget process. The board must decide which items, if any, to get funding this year.

Councilor Barb Martens noted that Station House, formerly Aldergrove fire hall, remains the property of the Township, and is a heritage building, but is in need of upgrades and repairs.

For example, the second floor can be used for gatherings and gatherings, but can only be accessed by stairs.

Municipal staff will be looking at a number of possible changes to the building, including lifts, changes to parking, the creation of a new outdoor plaza and seating area on 272nd Street in front, as well as upgrades to the electrical, air conditioning and heating systems.

The Martens motion suggests a budget of $750,000 from the Municipal building reserve, although the money will not be approved unless the council approves it during overall budget deliberations.

Township staff will also consult with Meals on Wheels about their needs.

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Only Kuon. Kim Richter voted against the motion.

“Do we have the money, with all the other priorities that have been done in the last three weeks?” said Richter.

Township Administrator Mark Bakken said there were several things to consider in determining how large the scope of work would be.

“I think it’s helpful to outline the scope of the proposed project,” said Mayor Eric Woodward, noting that you can’t just say “fix the building.”

Count. Steve Ferguson added that he hoped the need for Meals on Wheels would come to the attention of the Langley Good Times Cruise-In, the charity car show that takes over the streets of downtown Aldergrove once a year. Cruise-In distributes all of its profits to local charities.

“It’s one of those things that needs community support,” Ferguson said.

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