New Jersey Couple Spends 5 Years Renovating $435,000 House, Selling It for $649,000

After over five years of calling the place home, the couple is putting the four-bedroom property on the market for $649,000.

A bedroom with an Eastlake headboard and footboard, pinstripe bedding with velvet pillows and wool plaid throw blanket.

One of the bedrooms in the house.

Wilfred House

One of the main reasons why the couple bought the house was because of how convenient it was for them to commute to work, Rogers said. But after the pandemic, everything changed.

“Our jobs went full-time remote, and all of a sudden we weren’t in New York City anymore, ever,” Rogers said. “And we started thinking about if there was somewhere else we could live.”

Even though they live in an area with lots of conveniences nearby, including the grocery store, coffee shops, and even bars, it wasn’t the same as being in the city, she said.

“It was a really big shift for us to just be in our home and in the suburbs 24/7,” Rogers said. “So we made the decision that we thought we could have a better quality of life somewhere else and we’ve decided to sell the house.”

The property will be coming unfurnished, although they’ll be holding a sale to sell off the furniture items that they can’t bring with them to their next place, she added.

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