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Prime Ministers across the country are using their New Year’s messages to emphasize everything from housing and affordability to healthy lifestyles.

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In his first New Year’s message as prime minister of BC, David Eby said he was honored to celebrate a successful 2022 “including a great economic recovery in our province as we emerge from the pandemic.” But he acknowledged challenges related to housing, health care and the cost of living.

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He said 2023 would include measures to build a province where people can buy good homes, feel safe, and get access to family doctors.

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Danielle Smith of Alberta, who is also marking her first New Year as prime minister, said the province’s economy had bounced back from serious challenges and was showing signs of strength.

He said the government was moving quickly to defuse the affordability crisis, increase access to health care and stand firm with other provinces against federal outreach.

Saskatchewan Prime Minister Scott Moe said the province has a lot to be optimistic about in 2023 as the year begins by indexing the personal income tax at the inflation rate.

In his message, Ontario Prime Minister Doug Ford commended the province’s progress on infrastructure development and moved to help with living costs including removing the cost of license plate stickers, removing some toll roads and extending cuts in gas and fuel rates.

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