The Simplest Way To Keep A Reno On Budget, According To HGTV’s Scott McGillivray

To follow Scott McGillivray’s expert advice on keeping a reno on budget, you’ll need to “shop around” for deals and consider alternatives, like end-of-line products. End-of-line products refer to items that are no longer being produced or sold by the manufacturer and are offered at discounted prices to clear inventory and make way for new products. They can be found online and by visiting local home improvement stores, lumberyards, and specialty retailers. When purchasing, consider other factors such as availability, warranty coverage, compatibility, and the potential need for additional quantities in the future.

For a kitchen renovation, consider using stone cutoffs for new surfaces. These products are typically sold at discounted prices since they’re remnants from larger slabs. They vary in size and shape so it’s important to find pieces that can be arranged to fit your project, such as an island or countertop. They should also be made of material that’s durable, resistant to heat, stains, and scratches, and appropriate for food preparation and daily use. Before purchasing, consider the installation cost and process because you might need to hire a professional to put the pieces together. You can find them at local stone suppliers, fabricators, or countertop shops but their availability will always vary since they’re scraps.

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